What should I do if I’m concerned that I might not be able to maintain my repayments?

If you are worried that coronavirus will impact on your ability to keep up with your payments, either because you are having to self isolate, have been infected by the disease or your ability to work has been impacted by the government guidance, we want to reassure you that we’re here to help if your ability to pay becomes impacted. If you are still able to maintain your monthly payments, please do so, and allow us to support those customers that need us the most at the moment and be assured that should you need us if your circumstances change, we will be here.  

Please remember that many enquiries can be managed online during using our online account My Novuna Personal Finance or our App. This can save you time and will help reduce wait times into our contact centre so we can prioritise those customers most in need.

In your online account you can:

  • Make a payment
  • Change your payment date (from your second payment onward)
  • Go paperless and get all of your statements online
  • Find out how much it would cost to pay your loan in full (called a `settlement figure`)

Log in to our online account at

You can also download our mobile app found here:
App Store iOS 
Google Play Store Android

If you are a first time user you will need your email address and your agreement number (you can find this 10 digit number on your bank statement as the direct debit reference or on any letter we have sent you)

During this time if it is easier for you to make payments via your own banking app or your online bank you can do that using our banking details; 
Sort code 40-02-50 
Bank Account 71411101  
Please use your customer agreement as the reference number.


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