How is Novuna Personal Finance able to support me if I’m currently unable to maintain my repayments?

We are able to offer you breathing space from making your payments should your ability to pay be impacted. This means that you will have time to understand how coronavirus will impact on your situation.   

If coronavirus is already impacting on your ability to maintain your payments there are a number of ways in which our team can help in addition to the above.

These include offering you a reduced payment arrangement for an agreed period of time. This could be for a short period or can be longer. 

This can also be for short term token payments. 

Our team is here if you need help with either arranging breathing space looking at other ways that we can support you.  The phone number for our team is 0344 375 5488 and our email address is It may take us a little longer than normal to answer the phone or your email so your patience is much appreciated.

Credit Reference Agencies

It has been agreed by the UK Credit Reference Agencies that during the period that payments have been frozen due to the Covid19 outbreak, reporting will be made using the same status that was provided before the emergency payment freeze period started.

For example, if your agreement was up to date it will continue to be shown as such, if it was 1 payment in arrears it would show 1 payment in arrears etc. Any cases not affected by the emergency payment freeze will be reported as normal.


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